April 29, 2019

Please come sing “I Lift My Voice” tonight at the vigil at the Poway High School football stadium. Wear your choir shirt and come if you know the song, even if you have dropped out of choir. The program starts at 6:30 PM, and we will sing near the end around 7:15. There will be seats reserved for us. Look for me in my TPMS Choir polo shirt. We are POWAY STRONG!

Wear your shirt to school tomorrow (Tuesday 4/30/19) because we will sing the same song in the quad at both lunches.

April 25, 2019

Our Spring Concert for the 6th grade choir is this Thursday April 25. We will have our regular rehearsal in the morning. Then we will meet at 6:00 PM to practice, and give the concert at 7:00 PM. This concert will be in the Twin Peaks Theater. We will wear our concert attire: choir polo, black pants, black socks, black shoes. See you Thursday!

March 19 Concert

Festival Concert: Tuesday March 19, 2019 (PCPA) Call time: Come between 5:00 and 5:15 to the Artists Entrance. Performance at 7:00.

Concert attire: Choir polo shirt, black pants (long), black socks, and all black, closed-toed shoes.

This will be a special concert on which the Poway choirs will present music they have prepared for adjudication. The pieces are often more challenging than the pieces on the other concerts. Our choirs will also be presenting some songs through we we have experienced growth in terms of pitch, rhythm, and language. The students are excited to show off their new music!

Because of the long performance day, there will be no choir rehearsal on Tuesday morning March 19.


Winter Concert Information


The Winter concert will be on Tuesday December 11 with a call time of 5:45 pm and performance at 7PM. The Twin Peaks students will be sitting back stage except during their performances. They will sing toward the beginning and again with all choirs at the end of the evening. Dress in concert attire, please, including black socks. (Choir polo shirt, black pants, black socks, black closed-toed Shoes.)

We need adult volunteers to make all of this happen. I have four adults signed up to help during the concert. I need 6, so please go to SlyReply and sign up to help. http://www.slyreply.com/app/sheets/8dz2fmi3ygw0/

Thank you all for supporting your students and the choir program! Thank you for volunteering to help and for donating gift cards for the raffle.

I am canceling choir for the rest of December. I will see you again in January. Happy holidays!

Congratulations on your first concert!

I have had several compliments not only on your heartfelt performance, but on your behavior and concert manners as well. The audience seems to have been especially touched by “I Lift My Voice”. Thank you all (students, parents, volunteers, PHS choir program) for your dedication to the TPMS choir and for putting on such a wonderful concert. Enjoy your days off (November 1 and 2) this week because we are going to jump right into our winter music next week!

Tuesday October 30 is concert day!

Here is the information:
1. We all have choir together Tuesday at 7:15 am at Twin Peaks. Please be prompt. We have a lot to do in a short amount of time.
2. I have the shirts, so we will pass them out Tuesday morning.
3. Make sure I have permission slips for your students to sing in the concert. I have to have them Tuesday morning. I would love to have them emailed to me ASAP!
4. Feed your students well before you send them at 5:15.
5. Call time at the Poway High School Poway Center for the Performing Arts is 5:15 PM. Again, please be prompt. Your students can start arriving as early as 5:00. We have our one and only rehearsal with the accompanist at 5:30.
6. The concert starts at 7:00 PM and is expected to be over by 9:00 PM.
7. You can check out your students after the concert outside the green room. There is a patio outside the building next to Titan Way. You will see us. Don’t worry.
8. Buy your tickets on line and pick them up at Will Call to avoid the line at the box office.
Wow! I hope that was everything! Please email me with questions. Obviously, the permission slips are important. They won’t let the students into the concert if I don’t have the permission slips. They are in the Paperwork section of this web site. See you all on Tuesday!
Ruth Wong

Shirts/Permission Slips/Volunteering

Thank you for all of your generous donations to the choir! The TPMS Choir polo shirts have been ordered. It is possible that they will arrive by October 30. If not, we will wear white shirts with our all black bottoms.

Please send in a Blanket Permission Slip for your student to participate in choir this year. It will cover all of the rehearsals and performances, so that we won’t have to have a permission slip for each individual event. I must have these permission slips on file for your student to perform with us on October 30. I will be sending home this form with the students or you can find the form under the “Paperwork” section of this website. It is titled incorrectly “2017-2018 Blanket Permission Slip”. The year is correct on the form itself.

For the October 30 concert, we will need about eight volunteers to sit in the audience with the choirs and help them find their way on and off the stage during the concert. Volunteers will also sign the students out to their parents at the end of the evening. Please look for a SlyReply to sign up for this.




Fall Concert October 30, 2018 7PM

The students are working hard to prepare and memorize their music for this concert. It should be a lot of fun, and maybe a little bit scary! The concert will be at 7:00 PM at the Poway Performing Arts Center. We will be performing with the Poway High School Choirs. The TPMS Choir call time is still to be determined. It will be around 5:00 to give us time to rehearse with our accompanist and practice walking on and off stage. If we have our choir shirts by then, we will wear them with black pants, black shoes, and black socks. If we don’t have our shirts, we will wear white shirts and blouses. Please send in your shirt order forms ASAP! Parents, please sign up to help with this concert. I will be sending out a slyreply next week.

Tickets are now available on the Poway High School Choir website https://powaychoir.com/. They may purchased at the door also.