WELCOME to the website for Twin Peaks Middle School Choir. We invite all TPMS students with a love of singing to join us – no experience required.


6-8th Grade Choir: Thursdays, 7:45 – 9:05 a.m. in the Theatre (Room 608).

VOLUNTEER DIRECTOR: Heidi Bartholomeusz

CONTACT US:  email TPMSchoirdirector@gmail.com

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS: All forms that need to be returned during the year are filed under “The Paperwork” on the menu bar. 

Please check our Calendar for important dates coming up!

Expectations for Choir:

BE THERE – We only have 10 rehearsals to learn and perfect 4 songs. If your child is not there – this puts the whole choir at a disadvantage. If they miss more than 3 rehearsals (unless they’re sick), they can not be in the choir. It’s not fair to the kids that come every week.

BE ON TIME – Choir is from 7:45am-9am every Thursday. I expect the kids to be there at 7:45am ready to sing. We only have 10 rehearsals to learn and perfect 4 songs. I need the full rehearsal time to be able to do that. Late is better than not coming – but if it’s every week, set your alarm earlier!

BE RESPECTFUL – Choir is optional, I am a volunteer. I have worked with kids ages 6-18. I can handle talking, wiggles, distractions etc. I try to make it fun! However, I do not need to handle the stress of major behavior problems and blatant disrespect. If there are behavior problems, I will give the student a warning and an email to the parents. If it continues, I will ask the student not to come back.