Monthly Archives: April 2019

April 29, 2019

Please come sing “I Lift My Voice” tonight at the vigil at the Poway High School football stadium. Wear your choir shirt and come if you know the song, even if you have dropped out of choir. The program starts at 6:30 PM, and we will sing near the end around 7:15. There will be seats reserved for us. Look for me in my TPMS Choir polo shirt. We are POWAY STRONG!

Wear your shirt to school tomorrow (Tuesday 4/30/19) because we will sing the same song in the quad at both lunches.

April 25, 2019

Our Spring Concert for the 6th grade choir is this Thursday April 25. We will have our regular rehearsal in the morning. Then we will meet at 6:00 PM to practice, and give the concert at 7:00 PM. This concert will be in the Twin Peaks Theater. We will wear our concert attire: choir polo, black pants, black socks, black shoes. See you Thursday!