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Important Concert Attire Info for Girls with Skirts

This info is only for those girls who decided they wanted to wear skirts for the concert. The skirts have been made and they look adorable. However, I have been advised by the seamstress that the fabric we selected for the swing skirts is more delicate than expected, and that we need to be gentle with the skirts.

Please wear a pair of shorts with no back pockets, and no rivets or metal trim. PE shorts, bike shorts, knit shorts should all be okay. 

Bring a pair of jeans, leggings, or pants to change into after the Medley. You will wear the jeans in the show for “Happy” and “Another Day of Sun” on Thursday. If the skirts hold up okay, you will have to option to change or leave on the skirt for Friday’s show. 

We will try the skirts on at the dress rehearsal on Tuesday (bring your shorts), and then leave them at the PCPA until the show. You will have time to change into them when you arrive before the show starts. 

Any questions, email us at Thank you!