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7th & 8th Grade Choir – Spring Concert Attire Information

Part of our Spring Concert program takes us back to the late 1940’s/early 1950’s Malt Shop days. We need to look the part!

Here’s what we are asking the students to wear. There are pictures at the end.

Tops: Everyone will wear the official show T-Shirt. Order forms for the shirts are available in the “paperwork” section of this website. They are $10 each. If this is a hardship, please let us know.
If anyone has an old style cardigan or letter sweater, they may wear it over the show shirt.
Guys can wear jeans or loose pants that can be rolled up with wide cuffs.
Girls have two options, and I need your replies ASAP.
Option 1: a swing skirt with shorts beneath. We will purchase or make these for the girls who want to wear them. The skirts are fairly short, so they must wear their own shorts underneath (P.E. shorts are an option, or bike/exercise shorts).
Option 2: jeans rolled wide cuffs to capri length.
PLEASE REPLY with the following information:
1. Which Option your girl would like to wear – skirt or jeans
2. If they are choosing the skirt, we need their waist and waist-to-knee measurements: take a soft tape measure or piece of string and wrap it around their natural waist. Then measure from their waist down the outside of their leg to where their knee bends. Include both measurements in your reply.

Socks: Plain white tall socks for the guys (no logos), white over-the-ankle socks for girls.
Shoes: saddle shoes or loafers were all the rage with the cool cats. Real saddle shoes are expensive, but you can make look-alikes with a pair of cheap white sneakers and a Sharpie pen. The “saddles” can be either black or brown. An easy tutorial may be found here: DIY Saddle Shoes  Walmart has the sneakers for about $6, and Michaels has some for about that price when you use their coupon.
Alternately, if your child already owns brown boat shoes or loafers, they may wear those. Brown or black dress shoes are also acceptable for the boys. What we do NOT want to see are any modern-day sneakers, sandals, or pumps.
Hair: girls may wear a solid colored headband, or a headscarf.
Other: Some of the students will have specific character roles to play which may require some additional attire or accessories. We will work with them and make sure they have what they need.
Any questions, concerns, or difficulties, we are here to help. Please email us as soon as possible so we may move forward with the skirts.
Thank you!
(all pictures from Disney’s Make Mine Music ©Disney)

If you haven’t seen the original “All the Cats Join In,” it’s on YouTube here.